Why Summer Sunsets on Anna Maria Island are the BEST

by john on May 27, 2015

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Did you know that it SNOWED in Wisconsin on May 19th? That just seems so wrong to me. What is snow thinking?! It’s summer dude! It’s the time for tan lines and fun times here on Anna Maria Island and the only white powder we’ll be seeing is the sand on our soft shores. No chills or unexpected surprises like a snowstorm are within a hundred miles of us and we don’t just like it that way, we love it!

On Anna Maria Island, we depend on that consistency in our weather. If it’s another day on Anna Maria Island, you know the sun will rise, shine and keep you warm all day until it sets in your own back yard, surrounded by the brilliant artwork of nature in the sky.

I'll Be Home for Summer
There’s something so awe-inspiring about sunsets here on Anna Maria Island. Maybe it’s because no two are the same, maybe it’s because the best photographer in the world could still never fully capture what it’s like to stand in front of the sea as the golden sun melts into it or maybe it’s because I get to share that special moment with my family.

We often find ourselves in the summer months sprawled out on a blanket after a long walk on the beach, staring up at the sky while we pick out cloud shapes and animals. When the final moment comes, those last few precious minutes before the sun has disappeared into the blue sea, I look away for just a second and see my family. I am so thankful to be able to share such a beautiful place in time and space with them. The only thing more special than a perfect sunset on Anna Maria Island is being able to live here with my family and share in that captivating time with them.

It is safe to say that Anna Maria Island has changed my life for the better and year round, I have another hundreds of summer sunsets to look forward to with my family.
It’s a permanent summer vacation and I don’t think we mind one bit.

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