Valentine’s Day on Anna Maria Island

by john on January 21, 2015

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Spending Valentine’s Day on Anna Maria Island

The Ultimate Guide to Spending a Romantic Getaway on Valentine’s Day on Anna Maria Island

It’s the time of the year when love is in the air and Anna Maria Island is no exception. The Island’s secluded and romantic feel are extremely inviting for a Valentine’s Day getaway this year. In the past, there have been many events commemorating the love-filled holiday on Anna Maria Island and here at Anna Maria Life, we want to give you five popular things to do with your loved one while spending Valentine’s Day on Anna Maria Island this year.

1. Take a Long Walk Together on Anna Maria Island’s Beaches

A Classic with a Twist

To add a twist to this classic romantic gesture, consider packing a picnic and travel by bicycle to spend extra quality time with your loved one and our warm sunshine. This breath of fresh air is just as rejuvenating as your spouses smile will be as you spend the day relaxing, without a care in the world, on Anna Maria Island’s beaches. Ride your bike along the 7 mile stretch of Anna Maria Island and enjoy getting excercise while you sight see, hand in hand with your sweet heart.

2. Recommit Yourselves on The Sunset Shoreline

With New or Old Vows

The commitment you’ve made to your significant other can only be enhanced by exchanging (or re-exchanging) vows on the sandy, sunlit beaches of Anna Maria Island. Whether it’s just the two of you or maybe a little family, this Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to revisit the promises you have made (or are going to be making for the first time). Be sure to snap some new pictures!

3. Take a Boat Day – Have a Little Fun & Sun

Maybe You’re Up For an Adventure

One of the great things about Anna Maria Island is it’s versatile atmosphere. While you can recommit yourself before a quiet and serene sunset, you can also wake up the  next morning and hop on a jet-ski or take a day trip on a boat. There are boat rentals on Anna Maria Island which could make a secluded trip towards just as romantic or exciting as you could want. Don’t forget your swimsuit should you come across a sand bar! (& we’re not talking about the Grouper sandwich place!)

4. Get Dinner and Ice Cream

Reminisce of Simpler Times

If you’ve had a fun and action packed adventure on Anna Maria Island and find yourself heading out on the 14th or maybe the 15th, why not finish with a reminder of how much you enjoy just one another’s company with dinner and ice cream? The warm climate allows for you to take that beach cruiser you rented down the street to that Sandbar we were talking about earlier. After you’ve had your fill of fresh seafood and are looking for that ice cream night cap, head over to Tyler’s Ice Cream for friendly, family service and not to mention, some of the best ice cream ever! (Okay, so they might be off the Island in Cortez, but we promise it’s worth the trip!)

5. Stargaze on the Beach Underneath the Crystal Clear Skies

Unpolluted From Light, You Will See as Many Stars as Your Love is Strong

End your romantic getaway cuddled up under the stars as you talk about your trip and the things you are going to do the next time you visit Anna Maria Island. With a comfortable tempurature average of 75 degrees, you will feel just right laying out on a blanket in shorts and tee-shirts as you listen to the waves calmly reach to shore and travel back to the sea. This clarifying moment may be our favorite date idea and will prepare you to go into the rest of the week and the world with the thought of Anna Maria Island lingering in your mind until you come back to stay.

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