The Therapy of Anna Maria Island

by john on November 25, 2014

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The Therapy of Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island and it’s calm, relaxed atmosphere provides the ideal place for you to get some R’n’R


What is it about the beach that makes it so theraputic after a long day, stressful week or maybe a years worth of built up frusteration? And being the beach is so relaxing and stress-relieving, why don’t you visit it more often? Studies show that spending time at the beach could be exactly what you need and for a variety of different reasons that I will now take the time to outline for you. Living by the ocean has not only physical but psychological benefits and that is what makes it such a great place to be. After you read this article, you may find yourself inching a little bit closer to a coastline (and you will have several completely justifiable reasons to do so!)

The Sand: Did you know that the SAND at beaches is actually one of those theraputic benefits? Not so much when you get some inside of your bathing suit but when it’s beneath your feet. The tactile stimulation you get from making contact with the soft sand under your feet can release dopamine and seratonin which are chemicals related to, well, feeling good! That’s just the first step in the many ways that the beach behaves as an anti-depressant and theraputic stimulator for your body and mind.

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“The natural cushion of the sand relieves any pounding of the joints that you would experience on hard pavement.”
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The Water: While the calming blue water and gently breaking waves are more than enough to calm you down, the fact that your body is made up of 60% water may have a little bit to do with why you feel so relaxed when you slip into the azure comfort of the beaches, softened shores. The natural pull to go to the beach is as much science as the pull from the sea to the shore of every wave: it may be related to our evolutionary tie with H2O.

The Air: Fresh, salty air cannot be competed with. You will crave it after you’ve gone from the beach. Even if you forget for a brief moment what you’re missing, the next day you will remember and your lungs will long to inhale the sharp air of the shoreline again. Negative ions from the air on beaches can recharge the body and ultimately improve your mood. Fresh air is part of the transformation into a calm and relaxed mind.

The Sunshine: The vitamin D you need can sometimes be forgotten, especially in the winter months. While too much of it can be a bad thing, resulting in sunburns, cautiously spending time in the sun with the use of sunscreen and drinking plenty of water will give your skin a HEALTHY glow. This healthy glow will resonate into your mind and give you energy to mentally and physically take on the new week with a positive outlook.

Your Perspective: As you sit along the shoreline, possibly with toes in the water, and gaze out into the horizon, things slow down. Problems don’t appear so big and things slowly shift into perspective. This break for your brain and relaxed enviroment is what you need to sort out your problems and take a step back from the details to take in the big picture. You are at the beach to just BE and it’s pressure free and beautiful. The water seems infinite and for the moment that you’re there, you’re not really on earth, you take a step out of reality and into your own little world and it’s healing your mind.

 Enjoy this sunset from Anna Maria Island:

If you’re feeling stressed out, like you need SOMETHING to rejuvenate you, it might be time to head to the beach. If it is a more reoccuring issue in your life, maybe consider that making the move a little closer to the coastline could benefit you. Afterall, it certainly couldn’t hurt. What are some of benefits you’ve found from going to the beach? Share with us below or leave us a shout out on Facebook or Twitter.
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