Spending Thanksgiving on Anna Maria Island

by john on November 25, 2014

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How to Spend Thanksgiving on Anna Maria Island

If you’ve ever entertained the thought of going away for a major holiday, Thanksgiving may be the right one and Anna Maria Island might be the right place. The warmer climate, fall colors in every sunset and close-knit, welcoming atmosphere that is shared among locals and visitors makes Anna Maria Island have that holiday feel you would find in your own home (less the cleaning and cooking)! Maybe you could finally make THIS Thanksgiving the family reunion by renting a larger beach house and splitting it between the families while all bringing your own taste of the holiday to the table. Whatever vision you have in mind for the holiday season, Anna Maria Island has everything to help you put the pieces together.


Go Out to Eat for Dinner

Gather the kids, grandma and whomever else was lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving on Anna Maria Island and head to the Sandbar or Beach House restaurant the evening before Thanksgiving to share all that has made this past year wonderful with all those around you. This alternative to making your own dinner at home gives you all the perks of spending time with you family, enjoy a wonderful meal and being able to relax after dinner without any of the clean-up of the regular Thanksgiving tradition. Even better? You have all of Thanksgiving day to sit and relax on the beach when it will be less crowded.


Enjoy Pumpkin Pie and a Sunset

Whether it’s pumpkin pie (or a pumpkin spice latte) you CANNOT top enjoying one or the other on the sandy shores of Anna Maria Island while a golden sunset melts into the cool Gulf. Toes in the sand and heart in your hand, if you are visiting Anna Maria Island you must make time for this beautiful scene. All the more reason to take a moment to share it with your family. Research shows that watch sunsets can be good for your mental health and provide a much needed stimulation from nature and it’s beauty causing you to appreciate things more deeply.

Family Walking on Beach

Feeling Full? Take a Walk

After dinner, get to one of the many the beaches with your flip flops and enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating walk down the shore. This is a great alternative to feeling bloated while still enjoying the relaxing and complete feeling of a full meal with all the trimmings! If you have little ones, they will love this time to get out any energy they had saved up from any sugar or carbs while the run on the beach and you are able to take memorable photos of your family enjoying Thanksgiving in a way you maybe never thought they would on Anna Maria Island.


Take a Nap

So we have all enjoyed a post Thanksgiving feast nap at one point or another and it may be one of the best things about that day but one of the great things about spending Thanksgiving on Anna Maria Island is that it’s not too hot or too cold to do your favorite holiday activities outside. You can sunbathe on Thanksgiving! Get your tan AND nap in with one stop to the sea side while the sound of the incoming waves lull you to sleep.


Do Nothing and Have a Blast

┬áMaybe after all of these suggestions the idea of getting away and doing nothing but relaxing sounds like your cup of tea this holiday season; that’s alright too. Being that Anna Maria Island is so laid back and quiet, you can relax without the bustle of a big city surrounding you. It can be hard to relax when you’re at home on the holidays whether you’re still thinking about going back to work on Monday or the projects that are due in your child’s classroom on Monday. Get rid of the distractions and enjoy your time with your family and away from the everyday chaos; let that part of your life rest while you invest in all the areas that make life great!

Need Any More Reason to Visit Anna Maria Island this Holiday Season?

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