The Perks of Growing Up in Florida on Anna Maria Island

by john on November 19, 2014

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The Perks of Growing Up in Florida on Anna Maria Island

If you live in Florida, specifically Anna Maria Island, and are from another northern state originally or have friends who live out of state you hear one of two things ALL THE TIME:

“You are so lucky that you get to live on Anna Maria Island in Florida!’
“I couldn’t live on Florida; it has no seasons!”

BUT since you’ve lived here, you  know both are from jealousy. Also, you are lucky you get to live in Florida. That’s right, we may not have the most definitive seasons but we also don’t have snow storms, thousands of leaves to rake or no air conditioning during the hot months on Anna Maria Island. We are prepared for an easy high of 82 year round on our beaches. There are actually things that you can do in the northern states AND in Florida on Anna Maria Island at around the same time of year! Check out our list of what you REALLY didn’t miss by growing up on Anna Maria Island.THE PERKS




Hurricane Season: if you’re from the north, you were probably frantically running around by your parents side and they were stocking up on batteries, water and canned food while leaving Stop n’ Shops supermarket shelves bare. In Florida, we were stocking up on sodas, chips and watermelon for a hurricane party and ordering a huge Publix sub platter. The only big deal about a hurricane in Florida is the big party we’re throwing!



When it came to holidays, your family could easily combine Thanksgiving Brunch with a trip to Disney World, Busch Gardens or Universal Studios because it is only a couple hours away. How magical.



Instead of spending all your back to school shopping money on huge winter coats and longsleeves you can only wear a couple months of the year, you were able to buy new clothes that you can wear year around like tank tops, shorts and leggings. You also had a pair of shoes you could wear to any occasion. Be it school, out to dinner or to something dressy: FLIP FLOPS IT IS!



Your shell collection would put shell shops to shame with hundreds of elusive sand dollars, massive conch shells and still attached (THAT’S RIGHT) coquina pairs! Who would buy shells when you can spend a day combing through Anna Maria Island’s shores to find gorgeous treasures? (for free!)



Where do you cut down your Christmas tree? AT THE BEACH. That’s right, Palm Tree or no tree for life! Okay, maybe we’re not that hardcore but there are actually places where you can go and cut down your own Christmas tree in Florida. (while you wear shorts and flip flops!)



It is pretty much always acceptable to have ice cream, iced coffee or pumpkin spiced latte. One of those things is not like the other but that’s okay; snack on!



Your cousins built cold snowmen in the winter and  you got to build them too – just with a warmer kind of ‘snow’- SAND! Bradenton Beach was the hotspot for building sandcastles, snowmen and sculptures Also, you were probably still in a bathing suit in December soaking up the rays with your family.



There was a chance you could shock northerners by claiming that you had never seen snow and make them jealous with the year round tan you got from just walking back and forth from the mailbox.



While your family members of similar age from out of state were learning to walk, you were learning how to swim… IN THE DEEP END! You could float before you could fall and you never even needed to hold your nose. Some people confuse you with a fish by how well you can swim and the way you seem to belong in the water.



You could proudly show off your Halloween costume because there is no need to wear a big coat when it’s still 90 degrees out and the sun still doesn’t set until 8pm.



People would state that snow made it feel like Christmas, falling leaves like Thanksgiving and magical bunnies like Easter but you knew that it was more than that: no matter where you lived, the people around you on Anna Maria Island helped you feel every season of life in all it’s beauty and made that much more of an impact on the way you grew up.

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