Attractions to See

Attractions to See

Attractions to See on Anna Maria Island

Attractions to see in each city; Click below to discover attractions in each individual city that are full of fun and opportunity to help make this vacation to Anna Maria Island memorable!

Attractions to see on Anna Maria Island are not hard to come by. This little island really has it all and it’s close together so you are never too far from the next attraction to see! From the Rod n Reel Pier to the beautiful beach of Bean Point, each attraction to see is only seperated by five minutes of walking!

Bradenton Beach on Anna Maria Island

 Bradenton Beach on Anna Maria Island has the essence of the Island in all areas. The road which spans through the entire heart of it is even dubbed Bradenton Beach Scenic Highway. It will take you through not only the entirety of Anna Maria Island but through Longboat Key and into Sarasota. Along with all the attractions to see you may also see more bicycle racks than parking spots, trolley signs than road signs and sandy feet than shoes but this city is just as warm and welcoming as the two others that share its shores.” 


Holmes Beach on Anna Maria Island

“Holmes Beach is the heart of Anna Maria Island and directly accessible from Manatee Avenue making it the most populated city on the Island. You will find most of your shopping, gas and businesses here. The Chamber of Commerce for the entire Island is here. A great place for many reasons including the many attractions to see. Most  attractions are right outside your front door if this hub is where you are vacationing on Anna Maria Island!”


Anna Maria on Anna Maria Island

 “Anna Maria, the most northern city of Anna Maria Island, must be something spectacular to share the name of the entire island. Anna Maria Island puts a completely different twist on the Island than the other two cities. That twist is relaxation. The laid back and more private feel of this end of Anna Maria Island is appealing for many and the attractions to see are plentiful. Couples and families who just want a break from the feeling of too much going on without being bored find the perfect match hee. For water sports, scenic walks, bike riding and fishing this is the city you will find yourself in. You will be surrounded by others who love to be there as much as you. Anna Maria is the laid back city of Anna Maria Island.”

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