How to Find Anna Maria Island Properties For Sale You Want

by john on September 14, 2012

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The 5 Imperative Qualities To Look For In/Provide As a Real Estate Agent on Anna Maria Island  

People frequently ask me, “How do I find homes for sale on Anna Maria Island? Where is the best and most effective place to start?” There are so many different approaches depending on the urgency and the time you are willing to put towards a property search.  The amount of information from websites to agents to open house can be confusing and overwhelming at times but a great starting point for real estate, especially when you are unfamiliar with A. the area or B. real estate in general, is a LOCAL AGENT with an easy to navigate website which can provide you with property searches and community information. Since those two things we believe to be priorities in effectively dealing in real estate, those are two of our main focuses when it comes to our website and service. Check out these things you need to look for whether you are SEARCHING for an agent or TRYING TO BE that agent people are searching for on Anna Maria Island.

Find Anna Maria Island properties for sale by looking for the real estate agents who know how to get what you want.

find anna maria island properties for sale

Clients: Search for Involved Community Figures

Agents who are truly involved in the Anna Maria Island community live there. It is a fact that if you do not live where you sell real estate that you are extremely unlikely to have the same pulse of the market that agents who live there are completely immersed in where it is currently headed. Not only will real estate agents who live on Anna Maria Island know the market, they will be valuable resources to you on what to do and how to set up your trip or big move to the island. They will know who to market to when you are selling your home and how to get your property in front of every prospective buyer that wants to own on the Island.

Agent Translation: Good Agents Are Involved

find anna maria island properties for sale

Look Through Their Testimonials & Reviews

Ask for referrals, thoroughly read their review/testimonial page and actually do some research on where they have worked. Trulia, Zillow- both offer the option to leave a review. Search your real estate agent and make sure the reviews they provide you with are present on these sites also. Happy clients leave GREAT reviews and even better yet, ask any friends who may know them what they have heard about that agent because great sales are talked about.

Agent Translation: Pursue Reviews From Your Clients

find anna maria island properties for sale

Ask The Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce

 On the Island of Anna Maria, the Chamber of Commerce holds the key to the flow. They have maps, meetings and suggestions on where to go for what. The best part? You know that the reviews and knowledge they’ve collected on who is right for each specialty is tried and true. A great place to add in your starting search for realtors is with them. Give them a call if you’re out of state moving in or if you’re local but looking to sell or upgrade, stop in. With a specific realtor or business in mind, they can give you first hand experiences with that agent or company and better yet, if they think that person may not be the best for you, they know who will be. A Chamber of Commerce is a fantastic tool in a community and one that should be utilized whenever possible. If you’re looking at an agent or company who boats community involvement but the Chamber has yet to hear of them, this is a good sign that you should reconsider their credibility.

Agent Translation: They Will Make or Break an Agent in Their Community

Find Anna Maria Island properties for sale

Find Someone Who Is Busy But Has Time To Keep You Constantly Updated With Their Progress

If they aren’t manageable busy, they may not be the best. If they have time to make you feel like they are their only client but may need to answer phone calls/texts from other clients, that is an organized and experienced agent. Ask for updates on the home selling/buying project regularly to stay in the loop and be exact with what you expect and desire out of your real estate agent. If they are able to help you, they will be upfront and confident that they can get you the results you are looking for and are always available to you for questions while also being ready to adjust to any changes of plans you may have.

Agent Translation: Be Available & Communicate Effectively & Frequently

Find Anna Maria Island properties for sale

Realize You Need More Than Just ‘A Single Listing’ To Sell

This is the most basic of real estate and if you want to get the most out of your real estate experience whether you’re buying or selling, you want someone who knows how to do more than post into a MLS database for you. There are many agents on Anna Maria Island who do only that but the sign of an agent a step ahead of the game and the one that is out for your best interests is the one with a plan that goes beyond the listing. Very few real estate agents have marketing strategies that go outside of the norms to show their passion and dedication to providing excellence in service. Your prime goal should also be theirs: getting your property sold FAST or getting you into the RIGHT property on time! If their website does not offer a break down of their sale techniques that will be applied to your property that you can understand and fully appreciate, how do you know they are giving you their full attention and beyond that, how dedicated are they to helping you understand that they are going to exceed your expectations in promoting your property sale/search? Real estate agents who do not offer information on their techniques or seem vague on exactly what they can offer you above other agents may be preying on your lack of extensive knowledge on real estate and that is something you want to avoid.

Agent Translation: Be Diverse, Educated and Resourceful

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