BLOG: The City of Bradenton Beach | Real Estate

If you’ve been to Anna Maria Island and not ventured through Bradenton Beach then you are missing a valuable portion of this beautiful area. The city of Bradenton Beach has a variety of beaches, restaurants and shops that you can find plenty of souvenirs and great food at! It is home to Bridge Street which is a place to find nightlife, wonderful shops and even an old Florida mini-golf course called the Fish Hole. Bradenton Beach has even more activities, beaches and signature sunsets within Anna Maria Island and is much smaller than Holmes Beach or Anna Maria if you are looking for a little quieter an area to explore the beaches on. There are also many great fishing spots in Bradenton Beach off of Coquina Beach and by Beer Can Island. Much like the rest of the island, Bradenton Beach is extremely bike friendly and the right of way includes bikes.

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