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Restaurants on Anna Maria Island

People travel from all over the world to eat at some of the restaurants on Anna Maria Island. If you’re visiting the island or new to the area, you may find yourself wishing you had some sort of connection on where to dine while keeping away from tourist trap destinations. We have done the work for you and eat at top local restaurants once a week to provide you with insider island knowledge on where you want to eat your next meal. These reviews begin the moment you step in the door and end just after the checks hit the table for the last time.

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The Sandbar Restaurant
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The Sandbar Restaurant has long been a favorite on the Island and you hear people recommending it to EVERYONE who visits; while it’s our favorite we wanted to do some work and get to the bottom of this restaurant and what it has to offer to everyone who visits and wants to eat at restaurants on Anna Maria Island.

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From donut shops to diners, let us take you across the span of the variety of restaurants on Anna Maria Island! Sit back and relax while you read about the best places to sit down and relax while you’re on vacation here. There is new and old restaurants on Anna Maria Island for you to try and all of them will be here for you to find.

For a complete list of island restaurants, less the reviews, visit this website of restaurants, pubs and bistros.

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