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Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant Reviews of Anna Maria Island

From donut shops to diners, let us take you across the span of the variety of restaurants on Anna Maria Island! Sit back and relax while you read about the best places to sit down and relax while you’re on vacation here. There is new and old restaurants on Anna Maria Island for you to try and all of them will be here for you to find.
We know what you’re looking for when you go out to eat. Read our restaurant reviews below exposing the best places to go and the places you should do your best to avoid. Why should you trust Anna Maria Real Estate for the best restaurant reviews anywhere? We depend on the quality and truth behind local businesses and so does the island. We’re for the Island! Are you?

The Sandbar Restaurant

“… when it comes to this restaurant, are all areas equal? Does the location sell the food or does the food keep them coming back for more?” 

“… At the very, very tip of Anna Maria Island in the city of Anna Maria there is a street called Pine Avenue and located on this street, is the doorway out of earth and into heaven.”

For a complete list of island restaurants, less the reviews, visit this website of restaurants, pubs and bistros.


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