Anna Maria Island Realtor: Billi Gartman

It didn’t take long after moving to Anna Maria Island for Billi to realize that THIS was the place to grow roots and become an Anna Maria Island realtor.

Since that time, she has built her career, her life and her family on Anna Maria Island. Over the past 7 years she has worked with many different professionals in different industries and has built thriving businesses on the island through intense, cutting edge Internet marketing along with face-to-face relationship building with residents, local businesses and the vacationers who come to Anna Maria Island year after year.

The common thread that has weaved her success is not only her dedication to excellence but also her unique ability to truly take care of her client’s needs. Since the attitude and work ethic of a dedicated Anna Maria Island realtor has been instilled in her, she won’t settle for less than incredible. Billi’s real estate team will ensure they find you your perfect home or expose your property to the world with their revolutionary B.A.M sales system training techniques. Each individual trained in the B.A.M sales system is completely emerged with hands on experience to expose and reveal the best options for you in marketing and structured plans. With one of her core motto’s being that “the job will always get done and it will get done well”, she holds not only her dedicated team but also herself to extremely high standards in every area that she sets out to accomplish for her clients. Her decades of experience in sales and sales training have given her the edge in absolutely everything she does and she will be there every step of the way in complete fulfilling your real estate goals.

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About Anna Maria Island Real Estate

Billi’s commitment to her own businesses is not where it stops- she is a leader in the development and support of female business owners on the island and regularly coordinates events for the small businesses on Anna Maria Island to branch out and really prides herself in being connected to the individuals who live here. Starting a women’s networking group to help business owners has grown now to 50 members strong has also given her a vision to include all women who attend and bring the circle of people on Anna Maria Island closer together and networked. The group is designed to not only create business for the members, but to also provide insight and awareness on life and in business for the locals supporting it year round.

“These ladies don’t just show up with a list of names, they show up with a true concern for their community and the people we can empower and have a positive impact on. There is a very big picture we are all striving for and it has taken work and time which has been well invested in an idea that we will continue to culture in hopes of improving the place we call home.”

Association and experience are the key factors in having an edge on investing, living or vacationing on Anna Maria Island; she knows the island and she knows the market and she knows how to make them both work for you.

“This unique island offers so much to investors of all sorts, whether it be family or property, and it gives you it all with accessibility to a paradise. If you are looking for the full package, you’ve just found it.”

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