9 Signs You Are From Anna Maria Island

by john on October 14, 2014

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Straight from the locals themselves; are you from the island? If any of the following statements make sense to you, you just might be! Tweet your own signs of the island to @AnnaMariaLife and hashtag #ForTheIsland in support of our Anna Maria Island!

1. Instead of saving for your own car, you saved for your own golf cart.  

The freedom! You could get anywhere you needed on the island with your golf cart and if it was electric, all you had to do was charge it over night. Surfing, fishing and beach trips are no problem with a golf cart. You have room for your stuff and your buddies and you were the coolest when it came time to get around the island. Leave the cars to city kids, you can always catch a ride with them if you needed a break from the island and they were always begging you to take them around on your golf cart.

2. It has never really bothered you what other people think of you.

You have your own sense of self worth and know what you want out of life. Maybe it’s because everyone is so carefree on the island or maybe it’s because of the positive and supportive atmosphere presented by the locals year around. Either way, you’re making waves in the norms of other people’s lives when they can’t seem to understand why you don’t have the same worries they do. You embrace every day and do what makes you happy!

3. You know where Cortez is.


4. You’ve worked in the restaurant business and still do or never will again.

You’ve run back and forth between table and tap to give that 4-top their 4th round of waters (each with two lemons) and timidly trudged back to the kitchen window with the food the lady at table 7 ordered but then claimed she didn’t and you either have mastered the customer service from this or vow never to work the other side of your favorite restaurant again.

5. You shop at Publix and if they don’t have it, you don’t need it.

“I always say I won’t leave the island and I’ll pay $12 for a stick of butter.”
Jeff from @AnnaMariaSocial

You’re also accustomed to non-brand name products over the big chains which are not allowed on the Island per a ban placed into effect many years ago. Those looking for a quick McDonalds burger are out of luck but we have some of the best restaurants in the world in our mom and pop dining rooms.

6. You can’t go somewhere on the Island without knowing all the people there. Literally.

Post Office? You went to middle school with the clerk and see your highschool English teacher standing in line ahead of you. Stopping by Jesse’s for gas and a drink? There’s your best friend, his wife and their kids. And you know walking into any of the many bars there guarantees you will meet seven or more buddies.

7. When you avoid the beaches like the plague during season.

At least we don’t have to deal with parking permits… but maybe we wish we did.

8. You know the best of everything on the island.

Ask me! Ask me! I know the best (insert the item you’re in search of) and I know the owner so you will get a great deal! The perks of being a tight knit community; the quality. When you’re neighbors serving you, they do their best to keep your business and positive reputation about their company. Word of mouth is king in a place as small as Anna Maria Island.

9. You know how to have a great time no matter where you are.

You bring the party to birthdays, reunions or even just a night out! Even if you aren’t meeting at one of the local bars with a couple buddies, at your favorite Holmes Beach spot or touring your golf car down Pine, you are still ready to have a blast and make everyone feel comfortable.

Keep Being You Anna Maria Island & We Will Keep Coming Back!

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